Specialist in Pathological Anatomy.

Preferential dedication to the study of breast pathology.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1997 and Doctor 2017 in Medicine from CEU San Pablo University.

Specialist in Pathology: Hospital Universitario La Princesa. Madrid, 2000-2004 of Madrid.

Clinical Research Fellow in 2004 at the Ipatimup (University of Porto).

Associate member of the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy.


Collaborating member of the PD-L1 expression study in triple-negative breast cancer.

Study of changes in the immune microenvironment of advanced ovarian cancer in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy with or without bevacizumab in the GEICO 1205 clinical trial (GEICO 37-O).


Study of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast cancer, especially in the triple negative molecular subtype.

Associate professor hired doctor in the Department of Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of CEU San Pablo until October 2019.

As an investigator have taught courses during 2017-2018 on “Practical Application of the ASCO-CAP Guidelines for the Determination of HER2 in Breast Cancer”.

As an investigator have taught three courses during 2018-2019 on the assessment of PD-L1 expression in triple-negative breast cancer following FDA approval of first-line treatment of

atezolizumab in women in locally advanced or metastatic stages.

Scientific organisms

Associate member of the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy.

Last publication: Ovarian yolk sac tumor

01-may-2021 | Revista: International Journal of Gynecological Cancer