Biografía Científica DR. IGNACIO ZAPARDIEL

Dr. Zapardiel is currently an ESGO accredited Gynecologic Oncologist at La Paz University Hospital in Madrid. During the last 12 years he has been dedicated to this field and he has been trained and visited some of the most prestigious international surgical oncology centers such as Mayo Clinic and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in USA, European Institute of Oncology in Italy, Western Hospital in Australia or MD Anderson Cancer Center in Spain.

Together with the clinical activity he spends his teaching activity as Associate professor at Automous University of Madrid and he was accredited in 2014 for full professorship by the ANECA-National Accrediting Agency. In addition, he directs two online master degrees on Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery and Gynecologic Oncology at CEU/Tech University.

Finally, an important field of the daily practice is the research activity, where he is the current Scientific Assistant Director of the Biomedical Research Institute at La Paz University Hospital (IdiPAZ) and Director of the Gynecologic Oncolgoy Group, Council Member of the European Society of Gynecolgic Oncology (ESGO) and has been granted with the Harvard Medical School GCSRT programme diploma in 2018. Currently Dr. Zapardiel has published more than 150 Pubmed indexed articles with an h-factor of 20.  

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